4th General Meeting within TALENT Project of Erasmus+ programme September 7-9th, 2020

Bukhara State University organised the Fifth General Project Meeting within the Erasmus+ TALENT Project 2018-2021.
During the meeting, Central Asian Universities have reported on the start of the master programme in HRM and Talent Development. Also, partners had a presentation and discussions on the “Scenario for Anchoring the TALENT Master Programme” including dates for General Meetings in Year 3. Importantly, the group has discussed the possible role of the 4 Working Groups after courses development and preparing the second year of the programme, coordinating seminars and guest lectures, internships, theses preparation.
On the last day, BSU held a seminar on “Toward new HRM procedures in Uzbekistan”, with guest speakers:
– Prof.Dr. Obidjon Khamidov – Rector, Bukhara State University
– Aziza Abdurakhmanova – Coordinator of National Erasmus+ Office
– Zafar Jumaev – Head of Bukhara Regional Branch of the Agency for Development of Public service under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Topic: Coordination of HR departments in government organizations.
– Anvar Nizamov – “Introduction to the organisation, enterprise, and management” module leader, Team University. Topic: Training and development as a part of HRM.
– Hikoyatkhon Nurova – HR specialist, Bukhara Regional Department of Republican Youth Center. Topic: The role of social events in career development.