Internal control of TALENT Project Partners’ visit to WIUT

On March 14th and 15th, WIUT hosted a visit by TALENT project partners from Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan. Dr. Rumiana Jeleva and Dr. Albena Ieleva from Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (IPS, Sofia, Bulgaria) conducted internal quality audit for the MA in HRM and Talent Development Master’s Degree programme designed by the Erasmus + TALENT project and validated by the University of Westminster (London, UK).

There were a round of interviews and focus group discussions with the WIUT Rector, Dean of SOBE School and Department Heads of Business Management and Marketing, Admission, Career Center, and Learning Resource Center.

The TALENT project partners also interviewed the Master’s Degree programme’s academic staff and students on their feedback and progress in the course. The results of the internal quality audit shall be sent to the European Union (EU) commission on the project implementation status at WIUT. The partners have had positive impressions on the WIUT teaching and learning environment. They commented that WIUT Master’s Degree programme meets the TALENT project goals and objectives.

As a reminder, Master’s Degree programme in HRM and Talent Development has been first launched in September 2020 and designed with both Central Asian and European University project Partners.

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