Internal Quality Control at KEU within TALENT project

Within the framework of the TALENT project of the Erasmus + program, on March 2nd, 3rd, 4th Internal Quality control of the master’s program “Human Resource Management and Talent Development” was carried out.

In particular, M.Ryskulbekov Kyrgyz Economic University was visited by the coordinator of the TALENT project from Vrije Brussels Universiteit (VUB) prof. Jan De Schampheleire and Prof. Heiko Schrader from Otto Von Guerike University in Magdeburg (OVGU).

As part of the monitoring, European coaches discussed the Master program 2nd-year progress with the top management of KEU, administration, teaching staff, and the master students. The purpose of the Monitoring visit is to assess the quality of the master’s program and develop recommendations for the further development of the program in Kyrgyzstan.

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